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Tiziana Profile

Name: Tiziana
Country: Hungary
Weight: 50kg
Height: 172cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Bartender

Young and Carefree

A wild card booked in "unseen" from Budapest, Tiziana isn’t perhaps what one would expect of a typical Hegre girl.

This young girl smokes 40 cigarettes a day and easily empties 10 bottles of beer in just one night. On top of these bad habits she also loves junk food, particularly burgers. But we can forgive her, we are all young once, right?

Tiziana can’t get enough of the color pink and does not speak much English - which made her photo sessions with Petter an interesting challenge for them both! She has worked in a bar in Budapest since she was 16.

So maybe not the average Hegre model, but with long slim legs that seem to go on for ever, perky breasts and sweet personality Tiziana is definitely a welcome asset to the site!

Tiziana Galleries COMMENTS

Tiziana flower girl | December 8th, 2007
Tiziana flower girl
alex United Kingdom

tiziana no inhibitions,just a fabulously sexy young woman,tiziana is definitely one of the sexiest women on this site.

Jim United States

Tiziana Sweet. She doesn't strike me as a complete natural beauty,like Luba, Marketa or Yanna, but she's pretty hot anyway. Longest legs I've ever seen! Check out pic #106.

JP United States

Rosebud... Rosebud!!! Her beautriful, flawless porcelain skin radiates warmth. Outstanding legs!

Michael Canada

I love this girl, very earthy.

Chris B United Kingdom

Tiziana What can I say - this lady is absolutely gorgeous, and this photoset is particularly tantalising!

Voyeur United States

Tiziana is becoming more comfortable in front of the camera - this only adds to her charm as one of the least inhibited of your models.

peter United Kingdom

flower girl looks great very sexy photos, so natural too. really liked her photos , best so far i seen on this site

GT Hutchison United States

Her soft,milky white skin,she looks as soft as the sheets. She is an Angel!!!


INTIMATE, REVEALING and INTICING Tiziana does some of the most enticing sets. . . I love her trim figure, and yes I tend to be JUGG man. Her face, smile and attitude are very dangerous!! The thing that makes Ms. Tiz sets for me is her willingness to openly display her extremely cute pussy without opening the lips to show us what is inside. Men have two heads, and somethings should only be experienced by the lower head. 'nuff said, THANKS for the tasteful display of intimacy.

Tiziana public shower | November 15th, 2007
Tiziana public shower
alex United Kingdom

tiziana very very sexy

JP United States

Porcelain Angel Flawless, exquisite beauty!

Luclaf Canada

Tiziana set Would she accept to do a oily massage session of her body and breast ?


SHOWER SET w/o WATER - YES FINALLY, a shower set where I am not distracted by the stupid water droplets. Very nice.

Tiziana slender figure | January 14th, 2008
Tiziana slender figure
JP United States

You make me dizzy Miss Tizzy... I love this girl's flawless, milky complexion. Beautiful breasts, especially the last shot where he left arm squeezes against her left breast ever so slightly. Nice smile. The girl reminds me an grade school teacher I once had.

Ralph United States

Gotta love that long red hair, pretty body, and oozing sex appeal. Her sitting poses are the best.

Voyeur United States

I like the "new" Tiziana - less pouty, more self assured. I do miss her raw sexuality tho'.

Tiziana 70s | November 5th, 2007
Tiziana 70s
Voyeur United States

Tiziana can always be counted on for erotic poses with her "too serious" look - which I find strangely provacative.

Ortis United Kingdom

Legs I love this girl's legs. Great set of Tizianan again.

alex United Kingdom

tiziana she is such a natural beauty.

FastEddie United States

two points of interest 1. legs as you say and 2. her breasts dont appear to sag and also nice lower lip. looks good in ultra reality nice

JP United States

Sexy legs There's something very sexy about a woman sitting with a masculine pose with legs spread in a chair. While she may not be the most beautiful model, her eroticism surpasses many others. She has the most flawless skin and her breasts have perfectly proportionate nipples.


Ms. Tiz is has very nice face !!! However, I really find 'it' very 'HARD' to look at her face, when she is so openly sharing her beauty. The provocative stare from her eyes as she openly displays her feminine lips is very alluring.

Diehard Singapore

those last 3 photos on page 3 sent me over the edge, if you know what I mean...

Amandine and Tiziana bar keepers | November 20th, 2007
Amandine and Tiziana bar keepers
Cams United Kingdom

First to post! I'd be happy to pop my swizzle stick in Amandine's cocktail!

sirstefanofb Australia

Didn't see much of Tiziana.... but loved what I saw of Amandine... who again was ever so willing to show us her most 'intimate' smooth shaven parts.... just a peep of her 'love cream' as a 'bonus'

alex United Kingdom

duo great shots of the incredible amandine,not enough of the equally incredible tiziana.

IR United States

Tiziana's stares added a great aspect to the set. Very sexy!

Voyeur United States

Amandine, you, are to me, the most beautiful of many beautiful Hegre models. Your erotic nature adds to your charm. Nice to see that Tiziana is getting more comfortable in front of the camera - or is it her pleasure at watching her friend naked?

KJS United States

what is this shoot supposed to be about ??? So, Amandine looks at the camera, the viewer, throughout this shoot and Tizian is doing what exactly ? No offense to the lovely Tiziana. Her stand alone shoots are wonderful on their own. Not sure what my favorite photographer was trying to do with this set. I guess one less than perfect photo shoot out of the thousands that I get to see ain't so bad ;)

simast Australia

Great set of photos and Amandine is at her best as usual; she is comfortable enough with her sexuality to give the audience a glimpse of her love juice. Amandine would do a great set of photos in the costume of an old fashioned court jester, she could show her qualities of humor, sense of fun, energetic personality and sheer sexiness all at the same time.