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Simona S

Simona S Profile

Simona S
Name: Simona S
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 47kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model/Student

Czech Mate

Simona is, quite simply put, another beautiful girl from Prague.

With her toned and slender body Simona is a very ‘physical’ model with a fantastic ass and perfect tits! She has been modeling for several years, but the session with Petter Hegre was to be her first time ever doing full frontal nudes.

Slightly nervous about showing too much Simona confessed that she did not sleep at all the night before the shoot due to anxiety. And despite her ‘bubbly blonde’ appearance Simona has quite a serious and reflective personality.

With her jaw-dropping physique Simona makes the perfect nude model.

Simona S Galleries COMMENTS

Simona black lingerie | March 16th, 2009
Simona black lingerie
Laurie United Kingdom

Simona Sophisticated and so Sexy Georgeous natural blonde with beautiful downy skin, enchanting in black.

wheeler United States

not bad... would've liked to see her loose the panties a bit earlier,but...

luv_yanna United States

Oh yeah, that works for me. Simona S. is so beautiful. That big sexy ass up in the air and the little black thong just barely covering her plump pussy; very good stuff. I'm having a "hard" time keeping it clean here.

Jeff Daniels United States

Overdressed Very nice, very sexy, awesome poses, but too much cloth!

Robt United States

hot, hot, hot.....

dee New Zealand

More of Simona please!!!

russ United States

Simona.......................... Wow, that ass sticking up in the air like that!!!! Amazing. it's like you are almost there. Dang, almost.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Simona black lingerie This is NOT a sob story:- I am recovering from a stroke and therefore have lost some dexterity. Quite by accident, I selected Simona from the index. Now, there's a young lady who would cure all my ills if I could have her on my lap to STROKE.

Simona purple part 2 | February 24th, 2009
Simona purple part 2
Damian Germany

Fantastic, finally more of the best model on site - Simona. Thx for new update, greatly appreciated

JP United States

Fantastic body Simona reminds me the other legendary Czech beauty from several years ago, Marketa. Same perfect body and symmetry and same cute smile. Simona is one of the few models on the site that actually looks like she is enjoying the photo shoot, kind of like Olena O during her "pale skin days." The fact that she looks happy showing off her body makes her sexier in my opinion.

JR Germany

bring her back! some of these shots were amazing. for me, Simona is on a whole different level than most other models. you hast HAVE to invite her again. - JR

steven kanor United States

simona more and turn her slightly steve

magoo4 United States

Simona, beautiful just beautiful. One of the best. magoo4

mark Germany

Simona = Favourite Simonas sets keep getting better and better which is great to see. I hope this will go on for a long time and you can shoot more with her. She seems to have a nice, little shy, personality which shines through some of her pictures. Makes her a very sexy model.

Lanc Germany

Another stunning set Great work, after purple part 1, i thought it could not get better, but then part 2 came and BAM... great sensual poses and perfect looking model with great expression. She sure is one of your best, Hegre! - Lanc

rudi Germany

from down under very hot pics, but I would like to see her more from down under...

howard United States

simona purple part 2 Simona is a very beauitiful girl . I think who ever posed her for these images did an injustice.' She looks like a frog. Pose her like the pretty woman she is.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Simona purple Pt.2 Howard, you've got some 'very tasty' frogs in your part of the world. I'd love to take up the invitation offered by these ever so inviting poses.

Jerry Switzerland

Simona purple Pt.2 Simona is, at last, one natural cute model here at Hegre. A normal woman DOES have bodyhairs like her, not waxed or shaved like the other wax dolls shown at this website. She's the only reason why I pay membership here ! So PLZ dont hesitate posting more of her ! Cheers

Rich United States

Body Simona s body is very beautiful and greasefull smooth very lovely her pussy is very nice clean shaving beautiful to look at her pink nipples are so lovely what a beautiful lady.

Simona stay ups | January 23rd, 2009
Simona stay ups
Damian Germany

her best set so far i stayed up all night just to see simonas new set as one of the first, and i must say it did not dissapoint me. she really sets a new standard for the site with her newest set, incredible erotic photography

wheeler United States

Lovely Simona nothin sexier than a girl in thigh highs and heals and nothin else!

Eddy United States

Simona for ever How beautiful and how sexy you are ! Thank you, thank you for sharing sight of you wonderful body. Thank you too to Hegre for these wonderful pictures, indeed !

mark Germany

Simona 4 President Gorgeous set of her, im sure: If it had been published earlier, Obama could not win so easily :D Great slim body, Shes your best Petter!

Billy Netherlands

gorgeous photosession, devine model Simona, perfect photographer. Very sharp pictures. Thanks both of you. Please come back very soon!

chris United States

simona What an expressive, gorgeous young lady. Thanks to you.

JR Germany

Simona is a goddess! Nothing more to say

luv_yanna United States

Gorgeous woman!

Gary Germany

sexy - sexyer - simona Simonas natural body belongs to the best of the site. And with her cute looks she quickly became my favourite model. Would be nice to see her working again with you hegre, hope she will become successfull as model, she definitely has the looks. - Gary

magoo4 United States

A very beautiful woman indeed. Thanks to you Petter. magoo4