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Gislane Profile

Name: Gislane
Country: Brazil
Weight: 51kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 18

Dancing Dreamer

Petter met Gislane by complete chance while strolling around the mall in downtown Florianopolis late one evening.

IT’S LUCKY for us that fate brought the two together. Her long thick curly hair is the perfect complement to her incredible body and lively attitude. In her downtime she enjoys dancing and hopes to one day find herself on the shores of Miami Beach soaking in the sun.

Working with Petter was the first time Gislane had ever posed nude but she took to the task like a pro, readily enduring over sixteen hours of shooting; and that was just the first day! It is often said that Brazil is a land of diversity and Gislane certainly proves this to be true given the wide range of looks she was able to pull off despite her inexperience.

Brazil is a long way from home for Petter, but the trip was instantly worth it when he crossed paths with Gislane.

Gislane Galleries COMMENTS

Gislane gracious | July 8th, 2007
Gislane gracious
lamoid United States

Gislane gracious Excellent photos of a very lovely girl.

Pet Austria

Perfect pictures of a very perfect lady. And once more i want to beg for more photo series of her...

Allen United States

Gislane Gislane is a very beautiful woman from head to toe. It would be nice, however, if her expression in most of her photos didn't look like she is thinking of ways to kill the photographer - or whoever.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane gracious Another outstanding set of an outstanding beauty

Gislane on a box | September 1st, 2007
Gislane on a box
Rob United Kingdom

I adore Gislane. She is my favourite model. She has that vulnerable, intensity about her. Incredibly erotic. Plus, she always looks excited.

alex United Kingdom

gislane goddess!!

Geo United States

I can never get enough of her... so very sexy!!!

Dan from Texas United States

Gislane on a box Gislane is so hot .... and when she smiles I just love it! I so want to be Petter!

sirstefanofb Australia

Just love the way Gislane comes striaght in with her legs wide open... showing her assetts to the entire world....what a girl

Colin United Kingdom

Gislane What can you say about Gislane ? She is simply the best !

Jeff Tannin United States

Gislane You can build the entire site with Gislane & Naomi. Period. Enough said!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane on a box I've run out of superlatives for Gislane. Cover up that glorious pussy and everything else is perfection. Her face, hair, delicious curves are all magnificent. WOW!

Gislane girlie | June 24th, 2007
Gislane girlie
alex United Kingdom

gislane very sexy,erotic pictures,gislane is just delicious.

Geo United States

Too Long You made us wait too long getting Gislane back. Please don't do that... She is wonderful!

coolbrz240 United States

Incredible! This is the overall best shoot I've sseen!

sirstefanofb Australia

Nice girl, nice camera shots... well done

FastEddie United States

really liked the cover alot and oh GislaneGirlie_061307_013.jpg was my 10 interesting model wanna get a bag of pennies and say ahhh you know what penny for your thoughts

Goober United States

Gislane The goddess Gislane returns and none too soon. She is extraordinary in every aspect. Just incredible.

Chief Thunder Germany

Gislane She has two of the most beautiful boobs, I have ever seen on the internet, but why does she never smile??? She always looks so bored and angry!!!

Jozua Hattingh Canada

Another set of extremely wonderful capturing off a woman, and Gislane is just that.

Pet Austria

Perfect,Gislane is one of the best models this wonderful site. And i want to say 'Please', Please give the fans of your art something like a 'Gislane-Week'...would be wonderful.

Justin Observer United States

WONDERFUL Gislane is wonderful as always! Perfect porportions, looks beautiful even when partially undressed. Hot. I see that moodiness (not the best word to use) that Thunder noted. But she does have a wonderful smile. C.T. just needs to download more Gis files!

Justin Observer United States

Now that is perfection Page 4 is the ultimate. She is so flexible and inviting! such grace and sweetness. She shows all here beautiness. Such perfection. No doubt that she is acrobatically endowed also (as we have seen her before both in Gallery and Film). She is the Best,

Justin Observer United States

More More More she never ceases to amaze. Each set gets better. She is so dexterious and so perfectly shaped. I suppose that I shouldnt list my favorite shapes....

Justin Observer United States

85 End of this album. Bummer. Alsways wish there was more of here. 85 is not enough. Hope we see more of her soon! and See More. her more. more of hers.

Olivier France

Very sensual ! Gislane a real beauty !

Ken Simpson Australia

gislane_girlie_ Gislane has no hesitation in proudly revealing that naughty, lipped thing used sometimes for pissing but also for excitation and procreation. A wonderful piece of divine engineering.

Jeff Daniels United States

The best of the Best! Simply incredible! Of all the things that cross my mind when viewing your website, Gislane always make me think of having fun, in every sense of the word, (and from every angle)!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Gislane girlie Panties on or off, back or front, Gislane is STUNNING and I love her.

Gislane white chair | May 6th, 2007
Gislane white chair
koelner2309 Canada

Gislane white chair ooooooohhhhhhhhhh I wish I would be the chair. Gislane is a beautiful looking Girl. Gratulation Petter Hegre for this Model.