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Evi Profile

Name: Evi
Country: Germany
Weight: 47kg
Height: 160cm
Age: 18
Occupation: Works in metal shop

A True Free Spirit

Evi is a practical, hands-on kind of girl. She works in a metal shop in a small German town and leads a simple and happy life. Evi is an animal lover and enjoys horse riding and training dogs in her free time.

She is studying horse and dog psychology part-time and her ultimate hero is Monty Roberts author of the famous book The Horse Whisperer, she also loves listening to The Eagles. She tells us that her current boyfriend is 16; youthful and fun-loving, just like herself. Carefree and straightforward, Evi is plain speaking and will always speak her mind.

She has dreamt of being a model since she was little and is a natural with her toned, tanned body, firm breasts and winning smile, although her own favourite body part is her pert ass. Evi believes that happiness is the key to a good life!

Evi Galleries COMMENTS

Evi blue bubble part 2 | November 26th, 2008
Evi blue bubble part 2
Che United Kingdom

Absolutely your best model. Evis sets the bar for all your future models to attain. Evi has bags of personality, raw sensuality and confidence and is totally at ease in front of the camera. An incredibly sexy woman who is naturally sexy not artificially trying to achieve 'sexiness.'

Laurie United Kingdom

Rosebud I love this very special girl but not the set. I have a request, please consider. Long black leather coat, thigh length black leather boots-high heels of course. Thats it, no other clothes. The prop, a bar stool and the shoot in black and white and Evi being very erotic.

alex United Kingdom

evi magnificent

Dan from Texas United States

Evi Just when I think I've seen the hottest Evi set yet .... you bring out one even hotter! Evi is beautiful, and oh so hot! I love Evi!

tony Italy

beautiful she's beautiful, but nothing special for petter. many models are better than evi, expecially anna s, my favourite!thanx

Kevin United Kingdom

Evi blue bubble part 2 Tony, I would say that there are many models (like Evi)on Hegre who are equal second to those who are number one because they are totally uninhibited like Yanna, new girl Patricia and Anna S (I'm thinking of Anna's recent shaving film). Surely we need lots and lots of the Evi's of this world. I think that she shows us subcribers enough for our subscription. Petter has previously replied to me that not every model will 'put her ankles behind her ears'. I had to agree. I moaned about the recent Putu gallery. I thought it was so tame that I could have bought a better 'top shelf' magazine. Come on guys, this is a really really super site. We get to see georgeous girls naked and the chance to leave feedback when we are not totally satisfied. What more would you want.

ST United Kingdom

I love Evi's energy her rapport with the camera is definitely A+++

Dave United States

Best Evi is simply the best.

wheeler United States

as I've said before... I like the mix!I am a member of many kinds of sites.From art,to glamour, to fetish.It ALL has it's place!Gotta love lovely Evi!

Voyeur Mexico

All woman, all beauty and all sexual.

KettiMike Austria

evi i think evi is one off the greatest models on this website and this set is gorgeus !!

kevin United Kingdom

Hallo to Wheeler. I am interested in the other sites you are a member of. I'm, obviously a member of this site. However, I've joined a few other subscription sites. Guess what, my computer was invaded by a 'worm'. I am the most untecnical guy on this site. My DIY attempts to get rid of the worm f****d my computer 100%. One new computer later I am now so so weary about joing any other sites, even though I would love to. Have you guys see argen teens (I looked at this before I got my new computer). How come Murial appears so often on it?? So, what is a site as safe as Hegre??. Petter, in case you are suddenly worried, I WILL stay with you, I simply need more of this sort of thing. Petter, I am NOT trying to promote this site, I am simply asking your other subcribers whether any of them have subscribed to www.fuckedandbound.com Is it a safe site. It's a 6 month subscription. Thanks. Kevin.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Evi blue bubble Pt.2 I am overjoyed & elated, yet devastated. I have gone through this collection, set by set from bottom upwards (That's how I like it) and there has not been a single wasted moment. NOW I find there are no 2009 sets. Have we lost her? I shall go into mourning, morning, afternoon and evening and try and console myself with Dominika C (hard life,huh).

Evi exhibitionist | October 21st, 2008
Evi exhibitionist
alex United Kingdom

evi awesome!

Bruce United States

Evi Great !! Should have had hwer clit erect!!! That would have been over the top!!!!

highwaytrousers United Kingdom

Evi Wow! Nothing more to say but Wow!

Mike Canada

Evi Exhibitionist Lovely model, bad choice of poses.

Jim United States

Evi Gulp. Nice way to start my day.

Dan from Texas United States

Evi .... Evi the next day after Anna S!!! Is this the best site on the internet? Yes it is. Evi rocks. No offense to Mike but you don't speak for a lot of us. Evi's altheletic poses are fun, imaginative, and very very hot and sexy!

Voyeur United States

Evi, much too long since we've seen you last. Are you being shy :).

Jay Australia

Evi's bum The most perfect blonde with the most perfect bum. I just can't get enough of Evi - More like this please.

Ortis United Kingdom

Love, love, love Evi. Such a naughty girl!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

Perfect Perineum I am touched by Rosebuds delightful exhibitionism.

Laurie United Kingdom

Pout of the Day Connoisseurs delight-vulva in truffle sauce.

JP United States

Top 2 Evi is the second best model on the site, right behind Anna S. Evi has got such a sexy, tanned body. You could just feel how soft she feels through the photos. How about an Anna S./Evi erotic photo shoot. This would be a dream match-up that would probably become the #1 rated gallery of 2008. Please make it happen...

stillsecond United States

Evi Exhibitionist Oct 21 Cover Beautiful Woman, Excellent depth of field.

Magoo4 United States

Evi, very beautiful and so easy to look at. magoo4

Laurie United Kingdom

Rosebud I beg you, please lead me astray to indulge in your musky fragrance.

Michael Canada

Evi Does the word supple ring a bell? Where does that take your imagination? Oh! and by the way-nice pictures.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Evi exhibitionist There is nothing I can say about this absolute stunner that isn't self-evident, except THANK YOU.