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Paulina Profile

Name: Paulina
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 53kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Wild at Heart

In a group of girls there's usually one wild one and on Petter's recent shoot in Thailand Paulina was that very girl!

Feline in so many ways, with cat-like eyes and sex-kitten looks, Paulina also has a cat's selective hearing and only does what she wants to do! She enjoys life's little pleasures and is a "cocktail and croissant" kind of girl who also has an addiction to chocolate!

Bold and self-assured Paulina admires everything women like Madonna stand for but she always expects her men to pay the bills! She professed a love for Antonio Banderas types so if you're dark, handsome and successful you may have a chance!

During the shoot Paulina told Petter that men can't help themselves from falling for her. Will you be able to resist?

Paulina Galleries COMMENTS

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity | June 9th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity
Jim United States

Angelica, etc...... Gorgeous study of the female form. Yum.

JP United States

Sexy Pretzel We need more shots of hot women tangled up together. Simply brilliant!

alex United Kingdom

trio three incredibly beautiful women.

daniel eaves United States


terminus_h Slovenia

another outstanding set, and tough call: if we judge the legs, then the list is obvious: Angelica the first, then Anna S, and Paulina quite a bit behind. If we judge sensuality then in this particular series, Paulina comes on top, with Anna S close second; combined score yet again puts Anna S on top and Paulina second.

HEH313 Germany

terminus_h Please stop judging. Nobody is like Anna.

MR. S Mexico


ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. serenity This really must be what it's like on the other side of the 'Pearly Gates' But two of many enigmas spring to mind. 1) Where to settle one's eyes & 2) Should I sneak up on them when they are prone face down or face up or march right up and claim to be the medical officer and it's time for their examinations?

hole in one Singapore

erica, anna to see three beautiful assess is too much...my head is going up in smoke.

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day | May 20th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day
JP United States

Breasts Although Anna S. is smaller in stature than the other two girls, her breasts are just as big. Hot!

Luclaf Canada

Summer day trio Well... nice set, but I must confess that I prefer closer views.

sirstefanofb Australia

Sensational value... Better than the Supermarket at closing time on the friday night before a long-weekend... '3 for the price of 1'... and all Gorgeous, shaven and loveable... Petter you are spoiling me!

Skadoo United States

Awesome... Another set of the girls in Thailand. Very good job!! But how come Linda is only in a couple these sets? I hope you have more with all four girls in them.

terminus_h Slovenia

beautiful as always: Anna S clearly the first, Angelica the second, and Paulina this time around appears uninspired. Amazing, how girls' sensuality can vary from set to set...

HEH313 Germany

This was the first picture set that made me think of Anna S. as the the "new", "modern", "recent" Mona Lisa. And: Anna, do not let this get to your head!

HEH313 Germany

One month later And looking at these pictures again. And again I cannot comprehend how a human being can be so breathtakingly gorgeous!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. summer day They say 'Good things come in threes' can you think of a nicer three to 'come in'?

Angelica, Anna S., and Paulina cool shade | April 2nd, 2008
Angelica, Anna S., and Paulina cool shade
Dan from Texas United States

Dear Petter .... Is this Paradise? Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Blake United Kingdom

gold star These girls are custard and cream.

sirstefanofb Australia

Three young 'Pussies' as smooth as they can be... Three wise 'pussies' shaven for all to see.

sirstefanofb Australia

Six sweet young nipples worshiping the Sun... Cover them in Honey and let us all have fun!

terminus_h Slovenia

great set, and this time Paulina is far the most sensual and is dominating virtually every scene; she even cleverly hides her leg "deficiencies"; Anna S and Angelica are tied at the third rather than the second place.

HEH313 Germany

ANNA who else Everyone to their own liking. ANNA RULES!


RE: Photo number 31_Asslicious perfect assess captured in a perfect shot. more of these shots please.

Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat | February 9th, 2008
Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat
JP United States

Anna S. Anna S. is the hottest of the bunch. The best breasts and overall body.

Se United States

I's great seeing Anna S again...she has the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen.

Gérard Francillon France

Anna (Amazon) Your splendid Anna Amazon, the one with a tatoo on her left shouder, is still missing badly ! None of those girls, just nude girls, will ever come to the "late" Anna Amazon ! Great pity... gF

Jim United States

Angelica My, they're a great team. I do think Angelica may be the most beautiful girl of all the Hegre girls. What a face! And they all have amazing physiques.

David United States

Angelica Anna S Paulina straw mat Se made an excellent point about Anna's pussy. It's one in a billion. Go back and look at "Anna S. yellow." A nice set that captures her face is "Anna S. black strings." Anna S. is a superb woman.

tobra United States

paulina has a tremendous, rambunctious wild animal ass. these trio sets distract me from her. more paulina solos and videos. please include some buttock jiggling in any paulina solo vids. the other two here don't do much for me....no disrespect to the other lads here....