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Angelica Profile

Name: Angelica
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 55kg
Height: 176cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Model/Student

Delightfully Divine

With her long flowing locks and pale blue eyes never was a girl more appropriately named. There is definitely something angelic about Angelica!

And Russian born Angelica is living proof that models can possess both beauty and brains. She spent four years studying for a psychology degree, specializing in sexology no less! This gives her a very kind, open and understanding nature. She is also interested in fashion design and loves to eat sushi.

Angelica has previously modeled in China and Israel but her session with Petter marked her first time posing nude. Her ethereal looks, long legs and positive attitude make her perfect model material.

Angelica's combination of breathtaking looks, beautiful body and winning smile are destined to take her far.

Angelica Galleries

Angelica Galleries COMMENTS

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity | June 9th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina serenity
Jim United States

Angelica, etc...... Gorgeous study of the female form. Yum.

JP United States

Sexy Pretzel We need more shots of hot women tangled up together. Simply brilliant!

alex United Kingdom

trio three incredibly beautiful women.

daniel eaves United States


terminus_h Slovenia

another outstanding set, and tough call: if we judge the legs, then the list is obvious: Angelica the first, then Anna S, and Paulina quite a bit behind. If we judge sensuality then in this particular series, Paulina comes on top, with Anna S close second; combined score yet again puts Anna S on top and Paulina second.

HEH313 Germany

terminus_h Please stop judging. Nobody is like Anna.

MR. S Mexico


ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. serenity This really must be what it's like on the other side of the 'Pearly Gates' But two of many enigmas spring to mind. 1) Where to settle one's eyes & 2) Should I sneak up on them when they are prone face down or face up or march right up and claim to be the medical officer and it's time for their examinations?

hole in one Singapore

erica, anna to see three beautiful assess is too much...my head is going up in smoke.

Angelica sunset | June 2nd, 2008
Angelica sunset
Jim United States

Angelica What a perfect name for her. She has the face of an angel. Could be the prettiest girl of all Hegre girls.

Inamaru India

She is so natural, so pretty, WHAT A GIRL. The dream of any man. Bravo, very good shot Inamaru

alex United Kingdom

angelica angelica is a visual feast,spectacular.

paul United States

Angelica I love this woman. Not only is she sexy and almost too beautiful for words, I can tell by her lovely smile that she is also a sweetheart. Thanks Angelica and Peter.

daniel eaves United States

Angelica posing Peter you did a nice job in photographing Angelica on the beach!

JP United States

This is the kind of gallery... that Jula should do. Variety of poses yet still not over-exposing. Angelica is a natural beauty. I love her when she is teamed with Anna S.

terminus_h Slovenia

Angelica is indeed gorgeous and defnitely one of the top models of the site. Yet, she has a misfortune in being sessioned together with Paulina, Linda L, and Anna S, who usually somehow manage to slightly outshine Angelica's beauty...

luv_yanna United States

I sure hope this isn't the last set. I'd love to see more of Angelica.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica sunset I hope the sun never sets on this beautiful girl.

Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day | May 20th, 2008
Angelica, Anna S, Paulina Summer day
JP United States

Breasts Although Anna S. is smaller in stature than the other two girls, her breasts are just as big. Hot!

Luclaf Canada

Summer day trio Well... nice set, but I must confess that I prefer closer views.

sirstefanofb Australia

Sensational value... Better than the Supermarket at closing time on the friday night before a long-weekend... '3 for the price of 1'... and all Gorgeous, shaven and loveable... Petter you are spoiling me!

Skadoo United States

Awesome... Another set of the girls in Thailand. Very good job!! But how come Linda is only in a couple these sets? I hope you have more with all four girls in them.

terminus_h Slovenia

beautiful as always: Anna S clearly the first, Angelica the second, and Paulina this time around appears uninspired. Amazing, how girls' sensuality can vary from set to set...

HEH313 Germany

This was the first picture set that made me think of Anna S. as the the "new", "modern", "recent" Mona Lisa. And: Anna, do not let this get to your head!

HEH313 Germany

One month later And looking at these pictures again. And again I cannot comprehend how a human being can be so breathtakingly gorgeous!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Angelica etc. summer day They say 'Good things come in threes' can you think of a nicer three to 'come in'?

Angelica beach babe | May 4th, 2008
Angelica beach babe
Jase United Kingdom

Angelica Beach Long legs long hair mmmmm lovely. picture13 on page 2 does it for me

alex United Kingdom

angelica sensational

JP United States

Hips Angelica has got some of the sexiest hips on the site. I'd like to see her on film doing a hula dance or just shaking her hips really fast.

luv_yanna United States

Good luck finding a model with hair as beautiful as Angelica's. This set really put that hair to work. She has great sexy wide hips too, a gorgeous face and some of the sweetest breasts I've ever seen. Great model, great set.