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Amandine Profile

Name: Amandine
Country: France
Weight: 45kg
Height: 160cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Dancer

Vivacious and Joyful

Amandine is a Parisian born Jewish girl. She teaches hip-hop dancing to teenagers at one of the many dancing institutes in Paris and also works as a show dancer. This caring and warm-hearted girl loves animals too.

Amandine openly admits to being an exhibitionist and loves to wear skimpy outfits that show off her toned, dancer’s body, both during her dancing classes and when she goes out clubbing in Paris. She is very comfortable with her body but this petite brunette wishes she was taller. Amandine's training as a dancer really shines through when she is being photographed or filmed. She literally performs a private dance for the camera, engaging the lens with her sensual movements and inviting eyes.

With her upbeat attitude towards life and her sweet smile, Amandine is great fun to be around!

Amandine Galleries COMMENTS

Amandine erotic massage | March 15th, 2010
Amandine erotic massage
campbell United Kingdom

Looks like Amandine was busy last night!

Sandy United Kingdom

Wow Where's the video and part 2?? This set was highly erotic and love the intimate massage series you have done. Love your work but would love to see some of your less uninhibited models getting this treatment, like Thea or Erica Keep up the good work and don't let some of the old moaning critics stop your variety of work. They should suscribe to other more boring sites

wheeler United States

cool to see some of the masseuse too...video please!

Laurie United Kingdom

Isabella Close-ups 3 Nov 2007 Is a beautiful example of the direction this gallery should have taken from the last 6 images. Amandine in control ~ gorgeously sticky and finger-fucking herself.

egrise United States

Amandine What delicious almonds! Very nicely done....erotic and beautiful...would be nice to see more of the masseuse....looks as though she was enjoying herself as well.

Robt United States

Amadine Damn, one of the most erotic massage sets, yet. Lovely breasts on the masseuse. Second the motion for a video.

GT Germany

Delicious ! most delicious and erotic work ! Like to see the girls getting very wet and busy. It would be interresting if Muriel, Marlene oder Gabriella were in also and get those images and videos :)

Alex Wilhelm United States

Oh Why! Oh why is my tongue twitching? Oh why this uncontrolled and inelastic embarrassment in my nether regions? Oh transudation for the nation! Oh how I long to taste you! Oh why this rising ache in me? Well done all round, and thank you!

Carne Asana United States

What a body on this woman. It's gorgeous and lean but solid and mean as well, I'm sure I'd get the short end of the stick in a head on collision. Dancers' bodies are the best. Amandine is an absolute pleasure to see letting go like this.

Paul Mcg United States

So nice to see Amandine again. Still has the look to die for. A little wet does a body good. Thanks, see ya. Paul Mcg

Voyeur United States

Ah, the lovely Amandine returns with a vengence. Her beauty and eroticsm is 2nd to none. I missed her while she was gone and am truly happy she has returned and with the willingness to share her wet erotic self.

Akira Japan

Yeah Peter great work, love her white creamy juice, did you shoot the video on this? Love to see it.

CGC United Kingdom

Close to perfection Exquisite, the best set for ages! If only those fingers had strayed a fraction deeper! The video must be red hot...

Laurie United Kingdom

50 images were Abstract in the Extreme Amandine goes solo and fingers an inspirational touch of eroticism at the conclusion.

Laurie United Kingdom

Sweetly Nectariferous ~ Soulfood Powdered wing flutters as butterfly sips ~ Filmy flight thrum brings bumblebee trips ~ And I, perchance, to fantasy dream the food of gods.

Alexandre AUXENTIDES France

Amandine! Amandine! Amandine! Y'a t-il une suite de cette série de photos avec Amandine? Sur les six dernières, on peut voir qu'elle a beaucoup adoré ce massage. J'ai VRAIMENT envie de boire toute la cyprine qui sort de son vagin, ce serait idiot d'en perdre une goutte!

Laurie United Kingdom

D'ambroisie Boire une goutte. Tres belle!

Scott United States

Her "Cylinder" shoot back in '07 was probably one of the hottest sets ever done on this site. It's really too bad we don't see sets like those anymore on here.

nigel United Kingdom

where's the video ?

samurai Japan

Fantastic !! I missed this image year ago from today, but happy to find it after 365 days later. Just FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!

Amandine is back | January 31st, 2010
Amandine is back
Laurie United Kingdom

Fresh as Cotton Smelling of the Sun Snowflakes dance on butterfly wing / Frogs straddle rainbows and tunefully sing / Albatross soar around the moon / As honeybees hum "Embrasse Moi" in tune. Laurie

JS United States

One of the most beautiful models to grace the Hegre pages is back! Amandine is stunning. Classy and sensual.

ale United Kingdom

amandine even more beautiful than she was before,a french goddess.

Alex Wilhelm United States

Amandine She has improved with time, as have you, sir.

Voyeur United States

Welcome back Amandine, I missed your elegant beauty, lovely face, wonderful eyes and delightful pussy. And what a comeback you've made - - thanks.

Mark United States

Amandine What beautiful nudes of Amandine! Love the shots of that great ass and wonderful soles of her bare feet! A lovely intimate look wih each photo at every aspect of Amandine's terrific body!

Carne Asana United States

Whoa! Now THIS is an expected treat! The film Amandine did with Tiziana is one my all-time favorites so I was delighted to see her in the preview pane. Amandine is a beautiful woman. What I love about her is that she can look like two different people. From the side, gorgeous and girly but when she looks at you dead-on straight, it's just another level of wow.

Paul Mcg United States

Amandine still looks as beautiful as ever. Very nice gallery. Hope to see more of her, thanks. Paul Mcg

HEH313 Germany

Pretty but no way near Anna!

Laurie United Kingdom

Classy and so Sassy Along with Kira, Amandine has poshed up the site with her chic style. An excellent presentation of delightful images to and including No.52 after which the gallery lost its way with some rather inelegant offerings. I can imagine Amandine, like many French women, still looking very attractive and desirable well into her fifties.