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Coxy Profile

Name: Coxy
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 50kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Flawless form

Coxy is a woman who is going from strength to strength. Her destiny was to become a stunningly sculpted beauty. Then her nude modelling experience perfected her natural gifts of sex-laden proportions.

Now she crowns her achievements. Hegre-Art is the only place to find this ravishing girl posing nude with a male model

She is attracted to strength. It is where she finds her pleasure. She is a dedicated fan of the “Spartacus” TV series. What she likes best is the sight of gladiators battling with each other. Powerful muscular bodies are her turn-on. Every chance she gets, she will watch them locked in struggle or embrace. She has only one regret.

She was born too late to revel in the barbaric scenes that once filled Rome’s Colosseum.

Coxy Galleries COMMENTS

Coxy stripes by Alya | September 23rd, 2013
Coxy stripes by Alya
Dexter United States

boring This girl Coxy is not only boring, but she also isn't even that pretty. I don't understand how you go from Valerie to this. Whatever happened to. The sets with Mike and Valerie? Perhaps even a video of them ducking.

wheeler United States

coxy is lovely as always! although, I still think the socks are a little corny

CB13 United States

Gorgeous I'm not a fan of the socks covering her great legs, but Coxy is gorgeous. I'd love to see her work again with Mike or another black man.

fotoman United States

To each his own... I think Coxy is one of the sexiest models on the site!!!

Jeff Germany

RE: boring She has a gorgeous body and a classy, elegant face, but nevertheless I think she has gone through some facial surgery.

Steven Australia

Re:boring I cant see what Dexter is getting at. I find Coxy most attractive and sophisticated socks or no socks. But I suppose that is what makes the world go round, each to their own. Cheers Dexter.

gator United States

Coxy Stripes When is Coxy going to put her herself out there like Valerie and Flora ? Those two are uninhibited goddesses. Their attitude is : Here's what I got ...let me show what I got ......take a good close look at what I got .....now take an even closer look at what I got. We never get that from Coxy. A little peek here ...a little glimpse there. She strikes me as an aloof, cold ice maiden that's afraid she might melt if she opens her legs, bends over and really shows us what she got. She's a beautiful woman with what appears to be an incredible body but she just wouldn't put herself out there like so many other models on this site. Too bad.

Ricky United States

I think Coxy is great. She is a classic beauty, elegant and very sexy without always being explicit. I thought the leggings were cute. I would love to see a photo set where she started out fully clothed, and slowly removed clothing, ending nude.

wheeler-1 United States

RE: Coxy Stripes You say: "She strikes me as an aloof, cold ice maiden that's afraid she might melt if she opens her legs, bends over and really shows us what she got." I'll tell you what Coxy's got! She's got a beautiful body! not just a pussy! Thank you for sharing your beautiful body with us Ms Coxy! Much love and respect to you!

Coxy mermaid | August 26th, 2013
Coxy mermaid
wheeler United States

the beautiful siren lures the hapless sailor to his death with her hypnotizing song! it was a good death!

KOMET United States

COXY - SIREN OF THE SEA Diaphanous tail fin metamorphosed at dawn into 2 sexy, strong & shapely legs, COXY emerges fully nude from the ocean depths to play her idle hours with the fishermen, whose boats are anchored offshore in their quest to harvest a bounty of prawns, crawfish, and clams.

Spacehog Hong Kong

Beautiful collection. Coxy's shoots are always special, but this is one of the best. Just too short!

Ricky United States

Just everything about this set is perfect: Coxy is so lovely here, those last few shots especially were really so beautiful. Impressive work!

PacoEco Mexico

Congratulations This collection is really pure art, far away from pornography like some other lately Congratulations, Coxy is beautifull

Coxy and Flora body balance by Alya | August 7th, 2013
Coxy and Flora body balance by Alya
wheeler United States

two naked wet lovlies! what could be better? well...you know my answer to that!

KOMET United States

FLORA y COXY - DIOSAS DE LA NATURALEZA Two Sirens, beguiling to the eye, emerge from the depths of the seas to take delight in the summer sun and surrounding landscape (if only for a few hours).

Letti Germany

Coxy and Flora body balance Sometimes I can see which gallery was made by Alya. She has her own way to see the girls. Lightning is very good, I like it very much

geroki Germany

Dear Alya... Dear Alya, I really like your shootings, even if I can yet see the differences between your work and Petter's, sometimes ;) Even if the "master" is 99% perfect in focussing and frame setting... you are very close. And sometimes you have amazing ideas for your sessions (i.e. Coxy mirrored, sessions with Coxy+Flora+Thea, Zaika with fishnets)... great! Go on that way, you are a real talent... and try to use a tripod more often :P Anyway... my compliments for your work, Petter got the right "apprentice" :)

JerseyJoe4 United States

Bathing beauties A beautiful set of images with two of the loveliest models on this site. Not as erotic as some but nicely done by Alya. Splish-splash, you're getting me wet!

Pacoq Mexico

I had some time out of the page and I notice that Flora has lost more weight than she should, from my perspective, she need to gain some pounds

gustavo Chile

Flora amazing, love her face, estas tremenda Flo ;)

Coxy public nude beach | July 26th, 2013
Coxy public nude beach
Tom Germany

Coxy shaved Coxy, please surprise us next time with a full shaven pussy.

wheeler United States

gorgeous! and, you even managed to avoid creepy old flabby guys in the background!lol

meonhere United Kingdom

No change then.. Coxy, the girl whose open spread legs will never be seen by Hegre members..

KOMET United States

COXY - A NATURAL FIT FOR THE BEACH (avec pubic thatch) Keep COXY unshaven! For once, celebrate the beauty of a Woman with a public thatch. So sexy!!!

wheeler United States

RE: No change then.. give it a rest! you've seen one pussy, you've seem em all! these ladies have so much more than that to look at!!!

Zeppelin Germany

Keep her unshaven? She is not unshaven now. I agree with Tom: I think, Coxys flawless physique demands an alltogether smooth nether Region.

Coxy sunbeams by Alya | July 12th, 2013
Coxy sunbeams by Alya
Nanuk Switzerland

Coxy Sunbeams Really a perfect Gallery (with a perfect model) !!

KOMET United States

COXY ON A FRIDAY Where once was a sapling, whose leafy branches stretched out towards the morning sky, there now stood COXY, happy to be a Woman again.

MojoMa_55 Switzerland

Coxy -Sunbeams Artistic, but too many inconvenient shadows.