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Jana Profile

Name: Jana
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 47kg
Height: 167cm
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

Porcelain Dancer

Jana loves to dance; so much so that she has been moving her body to the sounds of music since the tender young age of six.

WHEN THE sweet subtle music begins, and Jana raises her body up on her tiny toes, one could swear that she was a perfect porcelain statue ready to shatter at the slightest touch.

However, looks can be quite deceiving and Jana is not nearly as fragile as it might seem. Her slender body, perfect silky skin, and raven hair are the natural by-product of year after year and day after day practicing ballet in the dance studios of her native Prague. Jana flew out to Paris to work with Petter Hegre without knowing a word of English which naturally made communication during the shoot rather difficult.

However, as luck would have it, Jana’s sweet and charming personality proved to be its own international language making the shoot a breathtaking success.

Jana Galleries COMMENTS

Jana X-mas stockings | December 30th, 2006
Jana X-mas stockings
alex United Kingdom

jana jana is just fantastic,i can never get bored of looking at that spectacular young lady.

baudolino73 Germany

perfect hairless pussy Wow! What a fantastic blanc pussy! Is she waxed, or lasered? There is no shadow of hair between her legs. Aussumn!

Dave United States

Jana Spectacular!

Raglan Australia

Jana Wow. She just gets better every time...

Nicko United States

WOW, no pubic hair at all !! I agree with a previous poster, Jana has absolutely no hair on her pussy, she must have had some waxing done, yes ? Nice photos, love her beautiful face, she has a very "naughty" look in some of the photos, very erotic !!

Chief Thunder Germany

Jana We need more new sets of Jana!! Urgent!!!! She´s by far the most beautiful and cutiest girl on Hegre-Art!!! PLEASE Release more of this stunning breathtaking beauty!!! I can´t wait!!!

Puissant United States

EYES Beautiful model with wonderful expressive eyes that look beyond the camera right into "our" eyes.

jana fan Singapore

smooth pussy .... well spread out.. nice shot...

Jana wet dream | September 28th, 2006
Jana wet dream
Dave United States


Dan from Texas United States

Jana wet dream Dear Petter .... I can not recall being so stimulated by any of your photos. When I see these photos of Jana I want to hold her in my arms and slowly explore her mysteries myself with all my own senses. Jana is indeed a dream! This series of photos make a nice compiment to your Jana in Bed series (still one of my favorites). They are indeed awesome. Jana exudes sensuality! Thank you.

Gregory United States

Who shot this? Peter? No hunched shoulders, no stiff necks, the real beautiful lines of a beautiful woman.

al United Kingdom

jana jana is a picture of innocent beauty.

nico Luxembourg

false jana vote please take back my vote,petter! this pictoral deserves a ten , instead of clicking on page 2 ,I clicked on vote2 by accident, stupid me.

alex United Kingdom

jana absolute magic

alex United Kingdom

jana every inch of jana is flawless,she is special.

Chief Thunder Germany

Simply perfect... She is by far the most beautiful and cutest girl on the whole wide internet! We need to see more!!! So PLEASE Petter, move your ass to make it happen! All other models are average at best compared to Jana!!!

Pierre Dugard France



We understand Petter focused on the ass of this cutty. Wonderful pics of a nice young girl.

Johaaannn Netherlands

Best on the Internet Jana is just the most beautiful girl on the internet. Please bring us more pictures of Jana!

Johaaannn Netherlands

Wet Dream This is a very well choosen title for these great pictures

ardunbye United Kingdom

Jana wet dream Mr Hegre, Sir, If you think this particular set of pictures comes up to the very exacting Hegre standards, You are quite right. She is GORGEOUS.

Jana sweet petite | November 10th, 2006
Jana sweet petite
Robert United Kingdom

Jana Jana's eyes and face make me melt!

Dave United States

A perfect beauty!

Dan Guerra United States

Jana! Jana moves to the head of the class! Perfect photos of the perfect petite woman. She knocks me out!

alex United Kingdom

jana jana is flawless,she is beautiful.

al United Kingdom

jana jana is an absolute knockout,cute, sexy, beautiful.

Tan United States

Laughing beauty The two photos of Jana laughing are the most beautiful of all as they reveal a much more basic emotional response from her and makes her look much more like a "real" person instead of just someone posing. They seem to bring out her personality in a way that's hard to see in other photographs.


pose immprove the pose the i have voted 10 so that the 'breasts' also expressed

alex United Kingdom

jana fantastic

ken clancy United States

Adorable! Very pretty woman with a cute figure and very beautiful hair.