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Gabriella Profile

Name: Gabriella
Weight: 53kg
Height: 171cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Model

Fiery and Fun

With breasts that seem to defy gravity Gabriella was surely destined to be a nude model. One hundred percent natural, Gabriella tells us she inherited her incredible assets from her mother. Although mum’s are apparently twice the size!

This Brazilian beauty is as passionate and temperamental as they come and has lots of life experience for her age. She loves to dance, can mix the best cocktails and at the end of a long day likes to relax by sucking on a fine cigar! The only problem for Gabriella appears to be that she is unlucky in love...

Although established as a popular model for car shows around the world this was her first time ever doing full nudes. Gabriella however took it all in her stride - as the results show!

And you won’t want to miss her videos, when the camera started rolling Gabriella turned into a wild cat in the springtime.

Gabriella Galleries

Gabriella Galleries COMMENTS

Marlene massaging Gabriella | July 11th, 2010
Marlene massaging Gabriella
Rob United Kingdom

BRAVO!! Wonderful work Petter (and girls!). Superbly erotic. Gabriella looks like she's enjoying it too, judging by her physiological reaction... ;-)

wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! 'Nuff sed!!!

Tuco United Kingdom

Wonderful! The massage sets are always very enjoyable! It is so sensual to see the beautiful naked female form so prone and relaxed. Having a beautiful masseur like Marlene is the icing on the cake! It would be fantastic to see a behind the scenes video! Thank you!

CGC United Kingdom

One word Movie! Let's hope this is only the first part!

impressed1 United States

I wish... ...there were many more shots from the end of the table, as is the case with most, if not all, the other massage sets. This side angle does not provide the viewer with as much...information...as one would like.

gert mauersberger Germany

Marlene Massaging Gabriella Herrlicher Mösensaft.

Pete United Kingdom

Old favourite Whilst there are alor of new models around at the moment Marlene is one of the old favouites who never fails to disappoint

peter United Kingdom

marlene massaging Gabriella please please can we see a video of this

Carne Asana United States

Marlene is just too hot. She moves like a cat, like a serpent, like a dream.

Frederico21 United Kingdom

Marlene massaging Gabriella Wonderful to see Gabriella enjoying herself so much.

Jade United States

Erotic. There are several massaging galleries. Where are the HD videos?

Gabriella and Marlene bondage | March 11th, 2010
Gabriella and Marlene bondage
wheeler United States

O...M...G!!! yet another MUST for a video!

Egrise United States

Gabriella and Marlene Two of my favorite models, and interesting poses but not at all convincing. Neither of them seem to be enjoying themselves (or one another), and are just mugging for the camera. No remote sign of real arousal in either case.

fotoman United States

Incredibly sexy! One of your best!!!

Laurie United Kingdom

Lacks Sizzle As her fingertips lightly fluttered on her luscious lips ~ slightly agape ~ pink tip poised to savour her own muskiness.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

You can do better! Nice but not the best at least have to two girls rolling around in a big bed this just isn't hot enough. 5/10

Carne Asana United States

A key reason Marlene is a wonderful model is her s-shaped body positioning. It never looks obviously posed or amateurish. Pure class. Photo 9, for example, the shrugged and forward shoulder, the pulled in abdomen and turned out tailbone, everything meant to be captured. And it is!

Paul Mcg United States

Petter, your getting very good at this good stuff. They look so nice together and having such a good time. Would like to be in the middle of that action. Thanks much, see ya. Paul Mcg

Ray United States

Gabriella and Marlene bondage Silk scarves might serve better than that ratty-looking twine. I hope her wrists survived without too much wear and tear.

DANIEL United States


Laurie United Kingdom

Silk Scarves Brilliant Ray, wish I had thought of that. It would have added a sensuous touch. Bravo!

intoit United States

Beyond a 10 Two of the sexiest women on the planet in a terrific shoot. Keep them coming.

Gabriella massaging Marlene | February 13th, 2010
Gabriella massaging Marlene
Carne Asana United States

Marlene is so hot! My favorite photo is the last one because of her smile of course.

longtimefan United States

excellent Nice lighting, gorgeous girls and just the right amount of sexual tension. really beautiful; thank you: Gabriella, Marlene and Petter for putting this together.

wheeler United States

you know what I'm gonna say... VIDEO PLEASE!!!

KOMET (aus der U.S.A.) United States

GABRIELLA e MARLENE GABRIELLA - que mulher sexy e gostosa!!! (Muito obrigado, Brasil, por esta mulher linda.) Both her and Marlene provide a stunning bas relief brought to life of 2 hotly and subtly erotic women.

Robt United States

Now that is a hot, hot shoot...very nice..

CGC United Kingdom

Disappointment Am I alone in thinking that this was an exquisite idea which promised so much and yet delivered so little?

Paul Mcg United States

They look so nice together. Thanks. Paul Mcg

francesco Italy

Am I wrong, or Gabriella now is shaved ??!!!