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Flora Profile

Name: Flora
Country: Argentina
Weight: 50kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

Tough Talking Tease

Full of attitude and fighting talk, Flora is a tough girl who knows what she wants out of life.

An Argentinean model based in Mexico City, she has moved to Mexico because of the recent economic downturn. An established model, Flora has previously posed for Mexican Playboy. She is lucky to have a perfect body with perfect tits. She is a true natural beauty and she knows it!

Flora wants to travel and see the world and with her determined spirit she is destined to fulfill this desire. Independent and in control this girl is real heartbreaker!

Sassy, strong and totally sexy - Flora is destined to make the most out of her life.

Flora Galleries COMMENTS

Alex and Flora sexual attraction | November 14th, 2014
Alex and Flora sexual attraction
Deltascott United Kingdom

Alex and Flora Sexual Attraction Brilliant series of images today!

mace75 Germany

Flora an Alex A phantastic and really erotic und very sexuall series, well done Petter. You can really feel the good atmosphere between Flora and Alex in this series and that they both fit well together. Hope to see more of them...and hey Petter, it might be time for Flora and Alex to enter the next level :-)

Simonas United Kingdom

Alex & Flora Sexual Attraction gallery Gorgeous and highly erotic photos. Such a FIT pair, he has the looks of Adonis and she is a fitting Aphrodite. Such amazing sexual chemistry between these two. I particularly like the last two pictures in the series, where the juxtaposition of Flora (and her intimate caress) to the stunning contours of his abdomen - showing his 'Adonis belt' - is just wonderful.

Spitfire United Kingdom

Awesome!! I just wish this was me with Flora!! ;-)

MrEarl United States

Amazing! More!!

Voyeur United States

Amazing Flora Flora is amazing and erotic. Would love to see her go all the way with the man of her choice.

Ferrari Impulse United States

flora the hardest working girl at hegre. always entertaining and willing to suck D.

harry Germany

we want to see the happy ending of this!

ailefroide Belgium

Alex and Flora sexual attraction Très beau donc c'est de l'art. Art may be Flora and Alex.

TopCat United States

Penis Envy Flora appears quite spellbound by Alex's magic wand. Yes, I am jealous! Lucky Man!

Flora jungle studio by Alya part 2 | October 29th, 2014
Flora jungle studio by Alya part 2
wheeler United States

somehow, this pales in comparison to the first half! but, flora is lovely

Bernard Netherlands

Chat Sainte / Holy Cat I really want to tame this beautiful arrogant graceful unassailable almost holy Argentinian cat ................

Marvin Germany

Goddess Flora is a goddess. The Body. Can't get enough of her.

Bom United Kingdom

Nice Setting Flora is as alluring as ever. The jungle setting compliments her feline qualities very nicely. Proof , if it were needed, that Alya should stick to pointing the camera at others rather then herself.

Rick United States

I miss Flora I hope Flora is back and these are not pics from an old shoot......

TopCat United States

Eco-friendly! Flora is definitely some sexy Fauna!

ailefroide Belgium

Flora jungle ... Encore novatrice. Ever surprising.

Alex and Flora penis posing | July 17th, 2014
Alex and Flora penis posing
Rick United States

Mmmmmmmm Flora is so fucking hot.....would love to see Alex's cock in her......

Canchahel France

Flora the Great There is no doubt that the series “Physical attraction”-“Penis passion”-“Foreplay”-“Penis posing”-“Portrait with a penis” could awaken the dead. That is why it is all the more regrettable that Flora, a star of such beauty and class, becomes rare in Hegre-Art, recently.



Simonas United Kingdom

Alex and Flora Penis posing Flora is an absolute favourite, so FIT and so sexy. this series is just terrific, she so loves her partner's dick - lovely pictures towards the end as she puts her head on his stomach and cradles his dick. More scenes like this would be just great........

Slickwilly United States

Alex must have been one horny lad when this shoot ended.

mulethief United States

I prefer it when a pussy is the focal point.

XT Gee United States

This is one of the better sessions of I seen on this site- please more like this!

gustavo Chile

amazing, flora is super hot

harry Germany

can we please see a full penetration?

Pat Canada

This is perfect, a gorgeous big penis framed and a adored by and even more gorgeous girl. The sexual tension is palpable. Love seeing this.

mace75 Germany

Flora and Alex Great pictures, Flora is absolutely gorgeous and you can see, that they have fun together. But why you hesitate with a full penetration? Alex was already almost in Flora, so why not do the last step? The time is ready for this, Petter :-) Or an oral stimulation until cumshot? :-) We are ready, Flora and Alex are too :-)

Bezork United States

RE: Slickwilley I am just hoping, fantisies ing, that the session ended off camera ;>)

Boom United Kingdom

RE: Flora the Great Flora: as sassy and beguiling as ever. More, please!