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Yoko Profile

Name: Yoko
Country: Vietnam
Weight: 45kg
Height: 162cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Model

Exotic and Erotic

Say hello to someone special – Yoko is our very first model from the beautiful South East Asian country, Vietnam.

She is a rare beauty with an ultra-petite frame, long raven hair and silky, smooth skin. She has a shy charming smile that will instantly win your heart.

Yoko only started modeling nude very recently and, fortunately for us, she says it turns her on! She really loves the feeling of being naked and the freedom she feels when modeling nude. She surprised even herself by loving it so much!

Yoko hopes she can show the world the beauty of Vietnamese woman – we think she already has!

A stunning addition to the Hegre model team we know you are just going to love Yoko!

Yoko Galleries COMMENTS

Yoko Yoni | December 19th, 2011
Yoko Yoni
wheeler United States

always nice tosee lovely yoko!

Roger United States

The Simplicity of Nude Beauty I love the graceful simplicity of this series: the purity of the total nudity, the relaxed expression on Yoko as she poses for our joy. Thank you Yoko! You have a gift of effortlessly showing your nude beauty. In this series in particular you show so well and in such a relaxed natural manner the beauty of your adorable cunt. Thank you dear Yoko!

Scofield United States

Nice shots. Content-aware fill in photoshop is a wonderful thing...

Laurie United Kingdom

Eastern Promise Yoko, so petite and utterly exquisite. A delicacy of the exotic east, she haunts the landscape of my mind.

Frcat Netherlands

I have to agree with Roger... ..and may I add that I love the fact that she never lost eye-contact with the viewer? (bar one shot, granted) Extremely personal set, and I adore that.

another fan United States

more like this so beautiful. more like this please.

Pete United Kingdom

Nude A great simple set in the art of the nude. Love Yoko

Roger United States

RE: I have to agree with Roger... Thank you Frcat!

Roger United States

RE: Eastern Promise Laurie, you are back! Fantastic! I remember your intelligent excellent comments and looking forward to reading more!

Laurie United Kingdom

Roger Thankyou Roger, I have been keeping my eye on developments and was intrigued and very excited when oriental girls began to appear. Nikola's more recent presence here simply proved to be totally irresistible and stiffened my desire to return. I love the changes, a more open and relaxed ambience and the exquisite eroticism is so wicked. I remember when I was last a member, I had suggested fisting and was roundly shouted down. Whilst on the subject, I watched the fisting film featuring Silvie and experienced the most explosive orgasm. Fucking brilliant.

Roger United States

RE: Roger Thank you Laurie. I am sorry you were shouted down. There is a broad spectrum of female nude eroticism, and there is plenty of room of this sumptuous table for many diverse views and appreciations. Excepting violence and disrespect of course, I have always believed that we, fellow viewers, should support and reinforce each other as fellow connisseurs of the female nude.

Yoko youth | November 16th, 2011
Yoko youth
wheeler United States

yoko is lovely, as always

paradygma Spain

Little piece of heaven...

Simon Switzerland

Lovely Yoko, but wrong order. Unfortunately, the series order was 1-3-2. So all the tension is gone after the last set.

paul United States

Yoko Sweet, petite, perfection.

Pete United Kingdom

Great body Yoko is always good value and I think she would do a great joint set with Lulu..Petter any chance?

Rez United States

wonderful smile I would love to have an evening meal with Yoko so I could take in her wonderful smile for hours.

Yoko studio nudes | October 12th, 2011
Yoko studio nudes
wheeler United States

I cant get enough of this woman!!!

KOMET United States

WELCOME BACK, YOKO! YOKO is yummy. And here she is shown to fine effect, fully nude and unfettered by shoes.

Nav United States

Beatiful woman; perfect posing. Just would have preferred the focus in #14 to be on Yoko's sweet anus that she is spreading for us.

kamaloka Japan

perfect shoot Mr Hegre ! I love it !

Roger United States

As a butt-man, I must say I loved the opening of this series! Fourteen bare naked straight on butt shots-with the asshole proudly shown!-in a row! Can't do much better than that!

etx Spain

RE: what about #13, you fool

vtb United States

Wonderful smile! There is nothing so wonderful in the world as a beautiful woman enjoying sharing her beauty with us. Thank you, Yoko.

Pete United Kingdom

RE: WELCOME BACK, YOKO! I agree Yoko is always great value, lovley body and a delicious pussy shown to perfect effect here.

Kiki75 France

Hiii Hi guys ! Hello the boys! I come to the site and look pictures! Which pleasure to see beautiful girls.... But the pleasure is in your comments. I feel so beautiful by reading your small words. Thank you very much because I feel beautiful thanks to you. Love you ;) hihi ! Your yoko

Roger United States

RE: Hiii Hiiii Yoko! You have made my day....I flatter myself to think that you have also read and enjoyed my words! But my words pale to your nude beauty!

steve United States

RE: Photo number 32 You are so beautiful when you smile! Your smile lights up the room... And your body is fantastic!!!!! WOW!!!

another fan United States

more Yoko We need more Yoko. Fav is #20.

Laurie United Kingdom

Simply Stunning Yoko sizzles with sensual intensity...