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Maria Profile

Name: Maria
Country: Japan
Weight: 52kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 24
Occupation: Porn Star

Japanese Super Model

Still a porn star and now a supermodel, she has the face – and the body – of an angel.

One of the most famous models to come out of Japan in within the last 6 years, Maria Ozawa appears in bukkake films and still made the cover of FHM magazine. These are Impressive credentials for anyone, but not surprising when you see the perfect proportions of this cute little thing.

A phenomenon on both YouTube and YouPorn - she is yin and yang, the best of two worlds. Sexy and innocent, sweet and arousing, and she loves shopping for shoes.

Maria Ozawa is a unique Japanese icon and celebrity, in many different ways. And now she appears here, on Hegre-Art.

Maria Galleries COMMENTS

Maria Ozawa nuru massage jelly | July 25th, 2011
Maria Ozawa nuru massage jelly
wheeler United States

I would LOVE to see that nuru gell utilized in a video!!

Zeppelin Germany

No need to ask for the movie, wheeler This IS the movie. At 2.67 seconds a very short one that is.

wheeler United States

uuummm... Maria doesnt have any movies yet!

Fishman United States

Maria has perfect tits!

Simon Switzerland

Maria w/o Jelly please I know you left Tokio, I just hope you have captured some awesome pictures w/o this ugly jelly.

Roger United States

Debt to Maria We all owe a debt to Maria. In this appropriately all nude set, just look how she lets her big tits hang out free, shows her sexy round bare-naked butt and then spreads her legs wide to proudly show us all of her hairy cunt! Just gotta love her! I approve that she does porno. I adore the nude female form, and it is also great to see a nude model get fucked once in a while. Thank you Maria! Replies?

BlackIrish United States

Maria Ozawa! She's one of my all-time favorite JAV models. I can't wait to see her in a massage video (hint, hint).

avidsatin Australia

lips Such a beautiful face - you can glimpse something of her personality from the images. Superb eyes, sensuous lips, elegant nose. Then there are her delicate fingers that are made for touching.

Jewel United Kingdom

Adoration I've always loved Maria, I always will, but I'm not sure how much longer I can last without some 'harder' photos (or even a film) from her!

Magraal Australia

I too would love to see Miyabi in a massage video more than anything else, but would also love to see her in a girl-on-girl shoot (she's done a couple of girl-girl JAVs but she's notoriously shy about it)

bigwill2361 United States

maria massage jelly shoot maria is the hottest bitch in japanese porn hands down a 10 out of 10 without question it's nice to finally see her pussy unblured for a change this shoot shows her beauty off looking forward to more sexy photos of this hot model/porn star

Maria Ozawa pink jelly part 2 | June 11th, 2011
Maria Ozawa pink jelly part 2
Marc Germany

I whish there are comming more from this jelly!

wheeler United States


Cliff lee United States

I don't get it. This is just messy, not sexy.

tdonna4 United States

Beautiful woman hiding behind the ugly jelly!

Simon Switzerland

Finally Maria is just georgeus. The pink jelly is really not my thing. But the first set that get closer.

Roger United States

What a sexy girl Maria is! Curves fore and aft! Shot 45, with the arch of her back and lift of her buns, is the best of the butt looks, while 48-65 is and outstanding cunt and tit series, 57-63 arguably the best. I heartily applaud the Japanese models like Maria and recent hard-core addition Hana Haruna, who appear in a variety of genres: the tease of bikini non-nude Gravure idol, erotic nude art like Hegre, and hard-core. For, while it is a joy to watch a beautiful girl in a bikini, it is also great to see her take off the bikini, and, finally, so great to see her get fucked! Thank you Maria for displaying eros in so many appropriate ways!

Jewel United Kingdom

Mmmm The divine Ms Ozawa and happy memories of her bukkake days - albeit considerably less explicit!

PinkPanther United States

I love this crazy set One of the things I like about this site is the sheer weirdness of some sets - this being a great example. It fits with the weird fetishy quality of Japanese adult material. I'm delighted to look past the bizarre pink jelly at this absolutely gorgeous woman - Maria rocks!

Lizbeth United States

Maria I realy like the jelly nice sexy feet to.

alemof Mexico

Wonderfull Wow Maria you are very beautiful ¡¡¡ and the pictures are amazing

bigwill2366 United States

Maria pink jelly shoot pt 2 once again maria delivers the goods the hottest bitch in porn and even hotter as a nude model instant hard on every time a unblured pussy is what we men want it's what we get thanks to peter kudos to hegre art getting a fine ass bitch like maria a no question 10 out of 10 model / porn star to give us men the eye candy we deserve more maria please and hegre art has a member for life

Maria Ozawa two boxes | May 5th, 2011
Maria Ozawa two boxes
wheeler United States

we have another acrobat here!

albertus Italy

probably one of the sexiest women in the world!

albertus1971 Italy

probably one of the sexiest women in the world! when we'll see a movie or a massage?????

Roger United States

Another fine series from Maria! She is appropriately totally nude throughout. Maria is a "fore and aft" girl: blessed with wondrous full tits and oh so fuckable round buns behind. Not to mention her beautiful face! A wonder! And how fortunate we are that she shows her nude beauty to us!

Jacko United States

I don't like the tats but just a fucking great body

Jewel United Kingdom

Patience? I adore Maria but these tame photo shoots of a woman who we know can do so much more are a little, shall we say, dull.

Mark United States

Maria Ozawa two boxes Great nude study of Maria! Love the use of the two boxes to accentuate the body. Maria looks fabulous!

Mark United States

Maria Ozawa two boxes Great nude study of beautiful Maria. Love the use of the two boxes to accentuate her body. Well done set to appreciate her beauty.