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Maya Profile

Name: Maya
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 60kg
Height: 182cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Model

High style

Maya makes a big, big impression. Partly that is because she is tall at 182 cm (6 feet). Partly it is because of her fantastic range of talent.

Her star quality presence made her a favourite of the fashion houses of Europe. Paris, Milan and London competed for her to model their clothes. Now she brings her experience to nude modelling. Naturally she brings a cute ass and long legs as well.

She is fascinated by so many different aspects of this world. “Everything about it stimulates me” she says. “It is not only make-up and hair styling. It’s much more. It has led me into photography and painting. Now I’m into making sculptures as well.” These things are as important to her as her pet parrot that she lives with.

We told you this girl is something else.

Maya Galleries COMMENTS

Maya backseat | July 25th, 2012
Maya backseat
machado70 Belgium

one of the number one in hedgree I love this girl she has a wonderfull skin marvellous pussy and has it's great combination of sensation to see in the pictures nice choice!!!!

Snowpig United States

Hairy women are so much more sexy than ones that look like little girls.

Jacky Germany

Nice car... What is it? A Q7?


RE: Nice car... you're lookin at the CAR???!!!

Jacky Germany

RE: RE: Nice car... I'm more into Brunettes, you know....Haha just kiddin'

Rick United States

I think her frustrated look at the end says: I need a car with a bigger back seat!

Maya for breakfast part2 | June 17th, 2012
Maya for breakfast part2
wheeler United States

nice day for a picnic!:P

Fract Netherlands

Maya... Mmmm... Best breakfast in long time. Even though there is but one dish, it contains many ingredients and is served in a multitude of styles. I, for one, would love to dig in! Go Maya!

Mark United States

Maya Great set! I would love to eat that pussy for breakfast!

Dave Finland

Which Hole Breakfast part two is even better, which hole would you start on.

joey-1 Canada

I would love to see more of Maya. It has been a long time ....

Maya mmmh | May 3rd, 2012
Maya mmmh
Fract Netherlands

Yes! Smoking hot. You're totally original, girl. Choose your own ground. I love your style!

Maya ivory | April 24th, 2012
Maya ivory
wheeler United States

yet another "short but sweet". refreshing, though, after a disappointing "massage"!

Fract Netherlands

I love the contrast of Maya's luscious, kissable lips, black stockings and pearlescent skin. On top of that, every pose is different and conveys a different emotion. What a wonderful model she is!

Mark United States

Maya Maya is beautiful. What a wonderful porcelain-skinned body. She has a terrific ass as well. A lovely and elegant beauty.

Farnorth Australia

Maya for bush How much more sexy she would be (to so many of us) if she had a shiny blonde bush, bring back pubic hair!

wheeler United States

RE: Maya for bush and,tomany,not so much!although, I personally agree.

Maya floater | March 5th, 2012
Maya floater
Laurie United Kingdom

Underwhelmed These images have no aesthetic or erotic appeal and show a remarkable lack of imagination...

kikki Australia

maya you are beautiful. thanks for this wunderful shoot, hope to see you in one of the massages soon..

knoglergerd Austria

The water looks cold. She has goosebumps

Fract Netherlands

Aesthetic appeal or not, every now and I just want to look at a beautiful naked girl. But granted: this set is a bit repetitive, whereas with Maya's other sets no photo is like another. Ah well, I suppose not every session can produce a winner, right?

Sherlock United Kingdom

Also underwhelmed Sorry, I'm with Laurie, this set didn't bode well from it's ungainly title... often this website is the white heat heart of eroticism but sometimes it's dull sets like this that leave me absolutely cold...

wheeler United States

well, it worked for me!naked wet maya is nice to come home to, after a pretty hellish night!but, maybe it would work betterin motion?:P

intoit United States

Mailed this one in I agree with Laurie. Pretty boring.

Maya pantyhose | February 3rd, 2012
Maya pantyhose
Fract Netherlands

Mmmore Mmmaya This girl just oozes hotness from her every pore. Her opalescent skin and sensual mouth beckon the viewer to come closer while her glance seems to suggest she *knows* what she wants out of life and love. And that cheeky smile! I have yet to see moving pictures of her, but judging by the rapid succession of different poses Petter shoots her in, I bet she just moves like the wind during shoots. Awesome set, and can hardly wait for part two.

b-lover Belgium

hi ! amazing beauty, more of her please Peter, and thanks for your incredible work !!

Phil United States

What is it about Maya that makes you think every shot should be white washed? A little color please!

gr8b1r United States

Watching May in these photos make my mouth water...

SageArcher United States

Act II...Por favor? Bravo! Maya's exquisite effort to divest herself of those evil pantyhose...is deserving of parole! Soon, one would hope? Free Maya!!!

machado70 Belgium

beautifull but..... beautiful set but remove this evil panty please!