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Engelie Profile

Name: Engelie
Country: Ukraine
Weight: 47kg
Height: 168cm
Age: 20
Occupation: Masseuse

Getting physical

Engelie just loves the human body. She takes pleasure in her own and other people’s. It shows in everything she does.

In her home country Ukraine she was on course to be a top tennis player. “I could have done it too” she laughs “But my breasts kept getting in the way”. She has no complaints though. Those full, voluptuous breasts have given her lots of pleasure. She is not the only one who thinks they are magnificent.

With being such a sporty girl, she received plenty of massages. That got her to thinking about what it would be like to massage other girls. Naturally that included her close friend Kiki. Now she can indulge herself in all the fantasies that she was secretly thinking.

“Enjoy yourself” is the motto of this party girl. “Enjoy her” is what we say.

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Engelie Galleries COMMENTS

Engelie what a tease | December 26th, 2012
Engelie what a tease
herveda France

Engelie is my favorite, so much personality and beauty. The pictures show her personality so well. Beauty added to personality is Nirvana

Roger United States

Engelie From the first, Engelie, all Nude...what tits! So plump and full...tits that any girl would be proud of. Love photo 9...yeah...turn around girl...show that butt! And what a Butt our Engelie has..those perfectly round bare buns! Ecstasy! And what's that? A hint of butthole? Oh yes...Good Girl for showing your butthole! Mmmm...photo 17...wide open cunt lips! And what a smile! Oh Engelie! Thank you dear!

ailefroide Belgium

Engelle what a tease Very beautifull

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie pool party | December 19th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie pool party
KOMET United States


Zeppelin Germany

Boredom? Loathing even? Candice's face is a turn-off in most of the pictures. As soon as she smiles things are completely different. Does she really hate what she's doing most of the time? And while we're at it: her tiny patch of pubes doesn't fit the scenery. If you need a helping hand to get rid of it - I'll be available. Anytime.

Roger United States

The Multiple Cunt Effect There is something about seeing four cunts open up, as in photos 24 and 25, that is greater than four times the pleasure of seeing one. Call it a mystery. Call it the Multiple Cunt Effect.

ailefroide Belgium

pool party hot temperature in the pool

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie dream team | November 23rd, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie dream team
KOMET United States

KIKI, VALERIE, CANDICE & ENGELIE = DREAM TEAM Lovely photo set, though far too few photos.

kasey22 United Kingdom

I can't get enough of Kiki and her delicious sixpack. Please make another video of her soon. I'd love to see the sweat run off her, straining and racked with desperate pleasure as orgasm after orgasm are ripped from her wet little body.

wheeler United States


Engelie extreme perspective | November 18th, 2012
Engelie extreme perspective
wheeler United States

lovely from any perspective!gotta love the ant's eye view!

KOMET United States

ENGELIE DA SILVAGEM What a lovely woman to behold thus on my birthday, FULLY NUDE & FREE! Now, to have ENGELIE, YANKA, COXY, KIKI, FABI, VALERIE, MURIEL & FLORA in a photo shoot/video together (all fully nude and oiled-down - smiles) would truly be the icing on my cake! Yummy!!!

Zeppelin Germany

Any perspective is a nice perspective. As long as Engelie is in sight.

Roger United States

Engelie a Year Later Sex Goddess Engelie deserves recognition a year later. Oh what a beauty! Not only does she have a gorgeous face, full tits, and super sexy round buns, Engelie brought such spirit and joy to posing nude! We all miss you Engelie!

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie sleeping beauty | October 27th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie sleeping beauty
KOMET United States

RETURN OF THE FAB 4 How sweet they are!

abby United States

four beauties They're all gorgeous. I especially like the last two shots, they look like they're having fun together!

Laurie United Kingdom

Unexceptional This egocentric photographer consistently shows little imagination...

The Chef Sweden

Boiling pool Ahh! The girls are so hot that they almost makes the pool boiling! They looks so sweet and relaxed. Feels warm to look at, here in Sweden the winter has arrived. This site will make me survive the winter, looking at all the exotic places with sweet girls laying basking in the sun.

gator United States

4some Some of the most imaginative photos I have ever seen of four naked women in a swimming pool. Well done !

jamu Singapore

RE: Photo number 26 what beautiful feasting...

delavignette Belgium

Valerie, Kiki, Engelie and Candice I'll never forget ...

Engelie tropical tease | September 19th, 2012
Engelie tropical tease
Roger United States

Engelie This girl just Knows how to pose!

Engelie monroe | September 6th, 2012
Engelie monroe
Martin Italy

Never imagine more sexy/bad/beautifoul girl!! More Engelie!

Dante_Hicks Australia

Engelie Beautiful woman.

Roger United States

Ah Engelie! Ah Engelie! Such a super sexy girl! Love her smile, her face, her full tits, her so sexy round ass, and the joy she shares when she shows us all! Thank you Engelie!

TC United States

Workin it ! Engelie knows how to work the camera better than any of the other girls ! She's a pro !

GnuSqueak Germany

Her breasts are the best thing I’ve seen all year!

Tom Germany

Engelie vs. M.Monroe Engelie is much more beautiful then M.Monroe!

Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females | August 29th, 2012
Candice Engelie Kiki Valerie 4 fab females

four statuesque beauties in all their glory! what could be better? well, maybe a bit more variety in poses. but, it's worth the wait! I can make due, for now, with skimming over past sets.

KOMET United States

VALERIE-KIKI-ENGELIE-& CANDICE: THE FIERY 4 In a word, together these 4 fully nude women are SMOLDERING!