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Clover Profile

Name: Clover
Country: Russia
Weight: 45kg
Height: 164cm
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

She’s a honey

Clover is following up her sensational LiveCam appearances with her boyfriend. She is fulfilling her ambition to be an erotic model.

It’s a natural development. This student from Moscow, Russia just loves nudism. From Russia to the warmer climes of Spain and Croatia you can find her sunning herself. If it can be done nude that’s the way Clover will do it. Swimming and diving are two of her favourite pastimes. Nude of course. Now she has plunged into erotic modelling with the same enthusiasm.

Dancing and handicrafts are part of her creativity as well. She might keep her clothes on for them. Her big blue eyes and flawless complexion are still there to be seen. Combine them with breast-length flowing hair and you have the outstanding beauty that is Clover.

Click here to meet her in person!

Clover Galleries COMMENTS

Clover erotic tantra massage part2 | October 22nd, 2012
Clover erotic tantra massage part2
wheeler United States

pic27 I think she's enjoying that a little too much!lol

skywatch Canada

Clover.... Wow!!!! This is fantastic...Love it! Hope there is a movie..... Well done Peter! Clover is a really open minded gal!

Schleckermaul Germany

I think I might have got something that should fit perfectly into the rear entrance of heaven.

juanita123 Canada

Clover With every touch, one sees a glorious smile erupt on Clover's face.

boner United States

ific I clicked through these photos as fast as possible and was rock hard half-way through. Show me the video ASAP. Phoot Gallery Scores 15/10

CaptailnMarvel Australia

Clover Massage This is the most erotic massage yet! And what is in the plastic syringe that the masseuse is so sensitively administering to Clover? It is opening up a whole new journey...

Roger United States

Two Hole Girl Clover delivers, that's all I can say! What a girl, what an erotic erotic girl. Love the way she arches her back. Part of the erotic maturation of Hegre Art over the years has been first vaginal and then anal penetration. I find anal penetration extremely erotic and support fully Hegre-Art and Clover expanding the boundaries of tasteful eroticism. Thank you.

JLAS France

clover clover is the best!!!

Pinniped United States

Clover/oil Nothing but spectacular, I have recently purchased a massage table and have watched several of the Tantra Massage films and many of the galleries and would like to know what type of oil is used especially when it is used inside the body for lubrication?

PAT33X France

j'admire j'admire tout simplement se laisser aller, faire confiance c'est vraiment super l'huile les doigts j'aime j'espère qu'elle à vraiment eu du plaisir

Dave United States

Clover !! It is great to see Clover again. She is Hot !! She has a perfect body, a great pleasure to behold !! She has had great photo sessions, and totally hot Massage and film sessions previously. You can tell she has a good attitude and is confident with her own sexuality. Let's see more of Clover !! I would love to see her in more films !! Thank you Clover !!

Jamesrjs United States

RE: Photo number 9 Just can't get enough of Clover's sublime Pussy.

Clover the girl in the window | October 7th, 2012
Clover the girl in the window
wheeler United States

another lovely view!Mr Fiance is a lucky dude!

owen scott Australia

ha ha lara bingle eat your heart out ,you've been surpased by a better looking woman and a much better photographer , thanks clover, thanks petter.

Roger United States

Voyeuristic Joy Hegre you hit the voyeuristic jackpot with this "Naked Girl in the Window" series! Clover is fantastic as always. What a thrill to her undress in front of a window. The gradual revealing of the butt is the most erotic way for a girl to undress, and love the way you have her raise her short dress over her butt in photos 8-15. Favorite photos: 6, 14 and 16-17. Thank you Hegre and Thank You Clover!

PrimeNerdity United States

I love me some Clover! She is so exuberant, beautiful and fantastic.

wheeler United States

RE: ha ha lara who???

Dave United States

Those Eyes !! There is something very special about Clover. She has an exquisite body, perfection. However, her eyes are stunning !! When you look into those eyes, it seems as if she is looking into your soul. There is something very attractive going on behind those eyes. They draw you in. I would love to meet her in person, to feel that magic first hand !! I am a great fan of Clover !! I would like to see more photo spreads and movies of her. Her fiancé is one lucky guy !! Thank you Clover !!

Clover Russian bath | September 24th, 2012
Clover Russian bath

thank you for turning on the water...with SOAP, no less! clover is lovely,as always! now, I must ask for a video!!!

Voyeur United States

Clover, you've got it all, from the very first photo to the last.

Roger United States

Clover and Clover's Butt What a girl! What beauty! and What a butt! Photo 15 fantastic! Great to see girls in the shower, kind a voyeuristic thrill. Thank you Clover!

archcon212 United States

Clover Either her boyfriend or me needs to be in the shower with her.

Uwe Germany

Dakota When is Dakota to be seen here as a model? She is pretty and perfect!

Clover fiance fellatio | September 12th, 2012
Clover fiance fellatio
MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man Mystery man identifiable at last. Thank you Hegre-Art. Now, how to get his clothes off when he's with a nude Clover?. Fair's fair, and bare's bare!.

Zeppelin Germany

Clothed or not I can't stand him.

George Sweden

I agree with those who want see tem both naked. Petteer I.m waiting for an film when they make love togethher-both nude. I know that you can do this film in an artiscic way and not pornograhy.

MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man Well then, Zeppelin, it's a good thing you're not his fiancée. I just think it is only fair that, if one of a pair is naked, then the other should also be. Otherwise, the clothed one is effectively 'dominating' -- or in a superior position -- relative to the other. Mutual nudity tends to equalise relationships. That's what my 'Fair's fair, and bare's bare' comment meant.

MojoMa Switzerland

Mystery Man -Clothed or Not Well then, Zeppelin, it's a good thing you're not her fiancée!. I just think that in such contexts when one of a couple is naked, then the other should also be. Otherwise the clothed one appears to be in a position of dominance -- or superiority -- over the other. Mutual nudity tends to equalise the relationship between them. That's what my 'Fair's fair, and bare's bare!' comment meant.

Roger United States

Strong work! Brava Clover!

Voyeur United States

It would have been good to see his tongue inside her.