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Karolina Profile

Name: Karolina
Country: Poland
Weight: 52kg
Height: 177cm
Age: 23
Occupation: Model/Dancer

Wild Risk Taker

This girl loves uniforms which is odd, really, because the uniform that suits her best is her white naked skin.

KAROLINA CAME to nude modeling with the same intense spirit that she brings to everything she does. With her full breasts, exotic figure and brimming self-confidence, the session at the Hegre suite in a Warsaw hotel sparkles with brilliance and personality. Is she going to make a career in modeling? Who knows. She certainly doesn't.

Karolina adores fast cars, so it is hardly surprising that she likes taking risks. Her other great passion is travel, so of course she became a travel agent and has used the great deals with airlines to travel on every continent in the world. Karolina has a tip for all the men out there: don't try and impress girls with the achievements and incidents of your life, but ask her about her life.

Sounds like good advice!

Karolina Galleries COMMENTS

Karolina Puma socks | August 19th, 2010
Karolina Puma socks
Dante-Hicks Australia

The Real Deal. Nice and Natural.

wheeler United States

very cute you must be making a fortune with all the product placement of late!

Nav United States

Karolina is beautiful from head to toe.

paul United States

Karolina So nice to see Karolina again. Wish she would make more sets, her body and face are simply amazing. Love that super high resolution.

Karolina forca Portugal | August 3rd, 2010
Karolina forca Portugal
Col United Kingdom

Karoline Love her tits.

Guti Brazil

Sorry I am a new member and I don't know the hegre's work philosophy, but in any way,I lament the absence of any art sensibility in this work. Sorry Karoline, you are an beautiful woman, I love you.

wheeler United States

lovely lady... hope she smiles next time

Karolina football | May 25th, 2010
Karolina football
Mark United States

Karolina Karolina looks fabulous! I love these football themed sets in honor of the upcoming World Cup. She looks amazing and would be the perfect model to promote the event. What is better than a beautiful naked woman holding a couple of soccer balls?

Dom United Kingdom

Karolina is lovely. She is sweet wholesome and healthy looking!

paul United States

Karolina After seeing this set of the stunningly beautiful Karolina, I would love a whole week devoted to her. She is simply perfect.

Carne Asana United States

16 days 21 hours left until kickoff and I agree with my fellow members that Karolina leading the pre-party is a plus! She's so beautiful, I say this all the time, it's her maturity, her womanhood.

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Balls! Balls!

JP United States

World Cup I'm picking the Hegre-all stars to win the nude model World Cup. In the event of a tie, the game is decided by a pussy shoot out.

Karolina supporter | April 27th, 2010
Karolina supporter
Dante-Hicks Australia

Karolina, you have beautiful breasts and an amazing body. I've seen you smile before and would love to see your smile more often.

don Canada

lovely figure, beautiful face!

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Supersport! Karolina you do have a fine figure & some of the best boobs in the business it is nice to come home from work to this many thanks!

Dan United States

She is very beautiful. I don't get the whole covering her up with the scarf thing. Most props never add any beauty to the beauty that is already in the model.

wheeler United States

beautiful body...empty expression!you need to smile more, Dear!

Paul Mcg United States

Love that naughty look. More please. Thanks. Paul Mcg

CGC United Kingdom

Allez Saint Etienne

Carne Asana United States

My attraction to Karolina 2010 (I love her in the 2003-2005 galleries too but for the opposite reason) is her naked womanliness. She isn't a model posing naturally, instead she's a natural, fortunately for me, documented by Petter.

dieter Germany

Karolina Wonderfull Eyes, great looking Face >Please more of this naturell women

AM United States

Thank you France Thank you for posing for this set and also representing Saint-Etienne. At least people will know there is more to French soccer than just Lyon. Oh and you are FINE!

Karolina nivea | March 16th, 2010
Karolina nivea
KOMET United States

KAROLINA Nice photo set. BUT would have been MUCH BETTER if she weren't wearing shoes. Next time, Hegre, let Karolina go barefoot.

wheeler United States

my only gripe is that it was wwwaaayyy too short! can I help you rub that in, honey?hehehe

ED BYRNE United Kingdom

Nivea soft! Very nice photo set but I agree with what wheeler said it is to short you ned more photograph to have more impact. But on the whole very nice!

Carne Asana United States

So athletic, Karolina's shoulders especially. I love the stark contrast of her skin and white swathes against the black background.

CGC United Kingdom

Cool But why does she look so worried?!

Paul Mcg United States

What a body, I love that ass. Very nice of Karolina indeed. Thanks gang. Paul Mcg

Mark United States

Karolina Great nudes of Karolina! Love her nude in those open-toed pumps. Very beautiful!