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Sian Profile

Name: Sian
Country: South Africa
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Art Student

Cute & Natural

Some models are made and some are born to strut their stuff.

BOTH OF Sian’s parents happen to be photographers, so she didn't have a choice. The first time she opened her eyes and peered out of her cot, two cameras were capturing her ever smile and grimace. And she has been posing for the camera ever since.

Sian is 21, 170cm, 52 kg and a classical, girl-next-door kind of girl from South Africa. She isn't sure whether she will pursue a full-time career in modeling and is content to earn some extra cash while she studies art and advertising at the University of Cape Town. When Petter Hegre asked her why she never shaved, she said: "I am a simple and natural girl and do not make much fuzz about my body."

Her greatest feature is her charm. Sian is shy, girlish and absolutely cute, cute, cute.

Sian Galleries COMMENTS

Sian sculpture | April 22nd, 2008
Sian sculpture
don Canada

Sian Sian has a fabulous smile . . . . among other assets!

Dan from Texas United States

Best of Sian .... These photos rock. Sian is a work of art.

Big Fan United States

Exquisite! My God, Petter, images 21 - 27 are exquisite! I would love to see all your skinny models in this pose. (Cami on the ladder was similar, as was Alya on the speaker.) Any time you photograph and post images of the long slender bare legs of Alya (especially) or Cami, Caro, Eva, Ira Jaquie, Lana, Olga D., Sian, etc. (your models are incredible) I am ecstatic. I love it when you have the models stand with their legs together and on their toes or in high heels so their length stretches across the photo. OMFG. Your technique is unmatched. When you are ON, Petter, no one is better. Thanks!

JP United States

Beautiful Young Woman Sian is just stunning and statuesque in this gallery.

sirstefanofb Australia

Agreed.... Stunning and Statuesque... a fine addition to any mans life.

dave United States

Sian is fantastic Always love Sian, more the better

Luclaf Canada

Sian set Cute model, but pics are to far and to dark. Did not enjoy it.

Sian Cape Town beauty | March 5th, 2008
Sian Cape Town beauty
ST United Kingdom

Sian Sian has really blossomed from girl to woman. Even shaved there is still something natural, fresh and outdoorsy about this girl. Absolutely gorgeous set of pics of this very beautiful and sexy young woman.

JP United States

Missed I miss Sian's big, hairy bush. I think these girls should have the freedom to not shave if they choose.


Shaved Sian Sian is beautiful. Shaved Sian is the best.

OrozkoMX Mexico

I'm impressed with the natural beauty of this woman. I do like she has (or doesn't)no makeup. Most photos are great, with a more common place in the background. I don´t like the acrobatic shots when she is laid. that's a wast in some cases. When you see the 6000 Px you realize natural is better. She's good. I would apply for her to Mr Right!

goober United States

Sian Sian proves once again that she is your most beautiful and sexiest model. The woman is the word goddess personified. Her looks are beyond compare. Please bring her back again and again.

Voyeur United States

Long hair, short hair, shaved, not shaved Sian is always beautiful. If I were a younger man I'd hope she'd become the next Hegre Girl seeking Mr. Right.

kevin clancy United States

Sian The most appealing, attractive woman in any of your galleries. A girl-next-door type with universal appeal.Far more beautiful than your eastern european models with nice bodies and homely faces. Many of them would look better if you put a paper bag over their head. I could look at Sian every day.

Tomred United Kingdom

Half-naked Sian The overall composition of this set deserves praise too. Sian is elegant as well as being sexy. Seeing her in an understated designer top, naked from the waist down, in a luxurious, tasteful, minimalist house, is intensely erotic.

Ken Simpson Australia

Sian What a great, natural example of Irish sensuousness, not only for tourists but for all lovers of female fecundity.

KOMET United States

SIAN Sian, you are a joy to the eyes as always. BUT... PLEASE GROW BACK YOUR BUSH! GROW IT BACK! BE NATURAL AGAIN.

Will United States

Sian What a lovely woman, please keep posing. Would be great to see the bush growing back gradually.

tstplt Germany

sian Absolutely beautiful, but grow back the bush!! There are plenty of other shaved girls on the site, Sian was one of the few who kept it natural.

Esthete75 France

We miss you Sian This set is my favourite Sian is so cute and beautiful without any vulgarity Where is she now?

esthete75 France

Beautiful set I like very much this set of pictures Maybe because it is unusual to have the top rather covered and the lower part fully naked

Sian South African sun | June 10th, 2008
Sian South African sun
goober United States

Sian Another great gallery of the goddess called Sian. My only negative is that we don't get enough photos of Sian in each gallery. One can never get too much of this gorgeous girl. Please bring her back as much as possible.

daniel eaves United States

Anna S. shaved pussy! Anna S. shaved pussy looks nice which I prefered over hairy pussies!

Cams United Kingdom

Not the same Gorgeous as she is, I think she had a lot more going for her when she had that beautiful beaver! Grow it back girl!!

Fantasio1968 Switzerland

Please come back

arrelh United States

what a difference a few years makes We have seen the young lady. I wish you could bring back the women

Sian staircase | January 17th, 2008
Sian staircase
wheeler United States

Sian I know it's a subtle difference, but, I would've loved to see her rear end without the g-string!Just a thought!

JP United States

Still one of the best Sian has an innocence and grace about her. Wish she hadn't shaven, though.

don Canada

love that beautiful smile . . . . and of course all the rest!

Voyeur United States

Sian gets more and more attractive with each year and every shoot. A lovely women.