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Mirta Profile

Name: Mirta
Country: Czech Republic
Weight: 52kg
Height: 170cm
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender

Adventurous Beauty

Mirta is one of those girls who feeds off attention.

GOOD THING for her because she also knows how and when to get it. Born from an Italian father and a Czech mother, Mirta is an exotic 21 year old who is unafraid of the camera and has the kind of body that turns heads wherever she goes. She is well traveled for a girl of such a young age and works at night in a bar owned by her family.

It is very rare for any photographer to find a more photogenic model who takes as much pleasure being in front of the camera as Mirta does. After a while of shooting Petter had to give up telling her to keep her legs together and ended up doing things her way. The results of course are stunning. Mirta is a woman whose veins are full of passion, energy, and beauty.

Luckily Petter was there to document these qualities to their fullest.

Mirta Galleries COMMENTS

Mirta Portuguese ruin | June 26th, 2007
Mirta Portuguese ruin
Justin Observer United States

Ruin? Mirta AT the Portugues ruin. Maybe Mirta is the "portugues wonder" - She is such a timeless beauty!

Dan from Texas United States

Mirta I am convinced that Mirta becomes more beautiful with each passing day. Beautiful photos; beautiful woman.

Gus Brazil

Mirta is gorgeous as always. Too bad this set is so small. Too few pictures. Sad, sad.

Ralph United States

Too much ruin Too much ruin in the photos and not enough Mirta. She deserves better.

Phil Sweden

Beautiful ruin!

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta portugese ruin Why the 'travelogue'?

Mirta extreme exposure | February 9th, 2007
Mirta extreme exposure
Colin United Kingdom

Mirta - Extreme Exposure Great stuff ! Would have given a 10 rating if we'd got the 6000 option !

alex United Kingdom

mirta fantastic,just fantastic.

Sven United States

please more like this!!! That is quality ...and a woman!!! Thanks

Dan United States

Mirta extreme Oh my! Where do I start? Mirta is so hot and slick and fully exposed! And still she has that little sly wicked smile that I just love! Great set of photos!

Hawkeye United States

Mirta EE A naturally beautiful woman. Remarkable, actually.

Jake United States

Mirta Mirta rocks. Her poses are always revealing, provacative, and she seems to have some fun with the shoot - letting her personality come through. She never seems stiff and uneasy. The oiled pussy shots are great and her entire body is perfect. That's why she's one of Hegre's best models!

Chillaxenator India

Awesome Mirta Probably the best Mirta set... Awesome truesome exposure.... its really getting hot and art at hegre-art Thanks to you Peter.

alexx Czech Republic


Julian United States

Another awesome photo shoot. Mirta is as stunning as ever. Galleries like this will keep your site at #1. Keep up the good work.

Greg Blalock United States

Mirta Mirta's photo-shoots are just outstanding.The most recent 'Mirta Extreme Exposure" may be the best one yet. Such a beautiful model. Her "Hottie" factor is off the charts. May we have many, many more photo-shoots and films of Mirta. Request..Mirta naked on a golf course (no clothes or shoes, just golf clubs. Thanks Peter

trailer1976 United Kingdom

mirta extreme fantastic, don't stop photographing this girl!

Ralph United States

Wow! Wow! Awesome gallery. Mirta is a phenomonal woman. Thanks.

gareth United States

wawa WEEwa! Oh, YEAH! Mirta's the bomb.com! Oil - not necessary. Striking the pose - jaw-dropping! :)~

Coach United States

Mirta Extreme MIRTA is EXTREME-ly stunning. Not only is she drop dead beautiful, but she projects enormous sensuality. MORE MIRTA!

jimmy United States

4000 pixels and Mirta's HOT bottom - Sweet!


Fantastic, may be the best set of the whole site. Wonderful girl fully exposed. Boobs are fantastic and look at her pussy lips: Simply fantastic! I think I will download a 4000 serie to benefit of all wiews of these wide spread pics. More, we want more. 10 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

David Laurence United States

YUMMY Mirta shows more of what guys are really looking for.

Miguel United States

Mirta This is possibly the best. Love that is shows her whole body, head-to-toe.

Kevin from London United Kingdom

Mirta. I wonder if Petter will let these comments appear on this Mirta gallery comments?? All you Mirta worshipers, have you you seen her appear on the lesbian website. Just thought you should know that she's not just the gorgeous Hegre model you thought. She's a "lesbian" model.

Laurie United Kingdom

Magnetic Mirta A very erotic gallery. With an arousal factor of 10+.

Laurie United Kingdom

Identical twin Oh gosh Kevin and I always thought Mirta had a sister called Jackie.

ardunbye United Kingdom

Mirta extreme exposure A MAGNIFICENT set of a MAGNIFICENT model.

Norm United Kingdom

Mirta extreme Wow, these are arousing photos! I love shots of girls with plenty of oil. This really emphasises the curves abd the light and 'feels' so good - yes, one can 'feel' these pictures as well as see them! Kevin, I don't care what her orientation is, she know how to please a man!

sonclub2001 Mexico

m! just perfect!!!! mirta